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21st GCC sGovernment and sServices Conference Towards the Era of smartGovernment

Datamatix is all geared-up to host its flagship event—the “21st GCC sGovernment and sServices Conference” to be held from 16-20 May, 2015 at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in Dubai, UAE. The conference, in its 21st successful year, moves towards the next generation of sGovernment model and the various benchmarks marking the region’s name on the global map of government sServices excellence.

The 21st GCC sGovernment and sServices Conference is endorsed by the partnership and sponsorship of some of the most reputed and well established organizations in the Middle East and across the world. The present list of sponsors include King Fahad Medical City, STC, Exceed, I-Mex Systems Ltd, Brother, Almarai, DUC Consulting International,  Canadian University Dubai, Carlsbed Mineral Water, Air-Arabia.Com, Arabian Farms Development Ltd, SKYCOM, Derp,  Sejel, Al-Riyadh Newspaper, DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), Naseej and Executives Move.

Speaking about the conference, Mr. Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix said “As we move towards the era of smart government and organizational transformation it becomes a shared responsibility on our part to encourage innovations and elevate the standards of modern sGovernment systems. The sole purpose of this conference is to impel the ideology of Smart Governance to the higher gradations and deploy the pro-active administration procedures to furnish smart services to the citizens.

Marked as the largest sGovernment conference in the region and one of the most pioneer sGovernment events in the world, the conference aims to highlight the efficient collaboration of government and business organizations in achievement and implementation of the 2020 globally competitive standards in the GCC government and business institutions. The conference in its 21st year would present informative case studies from global government organizations emphasizing on their respective best practices and success stories.

Mr. Kamali also emphasized on the 10 major topics that would be discussed at the 2015 sGov conference.

  1. Government Innovation and Global Leadership Strategies in the Era of Smart Government    
  2. GCC 2020 Smart Government Challenges and Strategies Implementation Road Map 
  3. Smart Government and Smart Cities Best Practices
  4. Government Organization Business Transformation Strategy
  5. Empowering GCC's Urban Knowledge and ICT Capabilities 
  6. Global ICT Development Impact on GCC Smart Government and Smart City Transition 
  7. GCC Museums, Heritage and Culture Challenges in the Era of Smart City
  8. Smart Government and Smart City Cloud Computing: Service Oriented Architecture
  9. Smart Government and Smart Cities eServices Globalization and KPI Competitiveness
  10. Smart Cities, Smart Countries and Smart Governments Mobile Apps

The 5-day event will congregate global organizations and technological institutions, regional and global VIPs, federal and state government representatives, eGovernment executives, CIOs, decision makers from government, business and international institutions and IT experts from around the world and many others, as well as regional media.

Datamatix has been a leading knowledge and service provider in the GCC for 26 years, welcoming businessmen, intellectuals, leaders and professionals and providing valuable business and leadership advice for change by promoting development and economic empowerment.

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