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The 21st GCC sGovernment and sServices Conference Marks Conclusion on its 5th Day

Organized by Datamatix, the 21st GCC sGovernment and sServices Conference concludes successfully at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai, UAE. The 5-days conference was graced by the presence of over 1000 regional and global delegates, visionaries, speakers, and guests who not only added value to the 21st edition of the conference with their graceful insights but also extended their active support and eagerness to the conference that has over the past 21 successful years, become a global platform for regional and global institutions and leaders to share and benefit from the experiences and best global practices in institutional transformation leadership, corporate governance strategies, and strategic planning for institutional performance and eGovernment services. 

The conference is sponsored by: DEWA(Dubai Electricity and Water Authority),Imex Systems Inc.,Naseej, King Fahad Medical City, STC, University of Hail, Saudi German Hospitals, Brother, Sejel, Canadian University Dubai, Air Arabia, Skycom, Exceed, Almarai, Arabian Farms Development, Carlsbad, Glen'da, DUC Consulting, Al Riyadh Newspaper.

Day 5 began with the presentation of Prof. Witold Abramowicz,Chair of Department of Information Systems, Poznan University of Economics (PUE) and Poland, Founder of SmartBrain on ‘Poland Best Practices: Achievement in the era of Smart Government and Smart Cities’, Open Data, Government e-Services, Data Fusion for Security  and ‘E-Health Care’. Prof. Abramowicz commenced his presentation with the welcome note and began expressing his views in support of his subject line focusing on data management and strategies that can be evolved to strengthen the cyber security in the current era of pro-active governance. He said that in the prevailing conditions it is vital for the world governments and government organizations to monitor and regulate the flow of data on the internet and devise some dynamic techniques that could prove to be conducive in protecting the data from the malicious attacks.

 He further expressed his well-researched insights and case studies on public procurement of data as one of the ways for executing a make shift towards a smart government. He also propounded his views on case of ‘Marshall Polish Offices’ and professed that today Poland has most advanced electronic systems and technologies for public administration. Announcing it as the smart initiative, he asserted that in order to furnish citizens with best e-services, it is significant for the government organizations to construct user centric applications that could beget quick response action in reaction to the queries canvassed by the citizens. He said in this current era there is a need for quick transformation in the administrative framework and the government organizations are required to deviate from the classical platforms to electronic platforms to permeate smoother operation of services.

After this session, Dr. Ray Aria, PhD, MSc, PMP, Six Sigma Certified commenced speaking on the ‘e-Health in the Era of Smart Government and Smart city’, Mr. Aria said that effective project management of e-health through utilization of smarter technologies can certainly be instrumental in materializing a transformation towards modernized management systems. He said that the concerned authorities in the civic management bodies and health care service providers should try to bring upon change in the policy to foster a prompt acquisition of services to the patients. Mr Aria further stressed on the development of user centric design that could entail maximized benefits to the service seeker and transact better service deliverance model in the hospitals.

The next session was followed by open Q and A session by the audiences on ‘Smart Cities, Smart Governments and Smart Services and Mobile Apps’. The audience asked many questions on integration of government services through mobile apps and further inquired about the strategies which have been implemented till now for insinuating smart governance framework in all the organizations. Mr. Feras Al Jabi, General Manager, ITQAN, headed this session and answered various questions related to the global trends, strategies and latest technologies. He propounded different theories, perceptions, and his practical insights on smart government and smart cities. In his spoken annotation to the audiences, he said that integration of smart mobile applications with government services can be conducive in connecting citizens and bringing in the modernized electronic governance functionalities in the prevalent administrative and management structures.

The last day of the session in day 5 was headed by Eng. Ahlam AlSarheed, Chairperson, Enterprise Architecture Department, King Fahad Medical City and she spoke on ‘Best Practices: Saudi Arabian Smart Government and Smart Cities’. In her explanatory notations, she said that Saudi Arab region is going through a revolutionary phase in terms of implementing the Smart Government and Smart Services strategies and up-gradation of the contemporary infrastructure particularly. She also advocated that evolvement of latest technological frameworks in the organizations and installation of smart serviceability architecture in the cities has been amongst many of the initiatives taken by the Saudi Arab government to permeate excellence and get in sync with global competitiveness standards. Later on after explaining the best practices, she ended her speech by professing varied solutions and plans for insinuating lucidity in the decision making procedures and embracing improved citizen engagement model for the growth of entire Gulf region.

The event was concluded by honoring the winners of the ‘20th Middle East sGovernment and sServices Excellence Awards’ for their outstanding contributions to the Middle East government and business organizations.

Attended by more than 600 participants, the 21st edition of the conference successfully created yet another benchmark in global technological knowledge orientation in the region with outstanding speakers, case study presentations, keynotes, debates, leaders networking, ICT exhibitions and much more that has left a significant mark and once again underlined the event as truly ‘One of the Largest eGov Conferences in the World’.

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