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18th GCC eGovernment and eServices Conference continues on its 4th Day:

Dubai, UAE – Organized by Datamatix the 18th GCC eGovernment and eServices conference, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, DIFC in Dubai, focused on how e-Government has forced unprecedented standardization throughout the public sector and how it has become a powerful generic tool for overall policy implementation also summarizing the trends of e-government project of UAE and GCC.

The fourth day session began with the presentation on “Empowering People- Using Social Media”, presented by Mr. Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Author and Public Speaker from USA, highlighting use of Social Media for Government Organizations in order to broaden and enhance e-participation. He stressed on how government organizations are embracing social media, using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to inform and interact with the public and social media, as it not only sends and gathers information instantaneously but fosters relationships and trust, while encouraging users to share important information.

Dr. Boyd Hendriks, Managing Director, Informationland UK, Netherlands presented a European case study on Social Media for Government Organizations. He discussed about the importance of citizen engagement as an important element of government service delivery and online tools that provide a unique opportunity to engage. He also spoke about well-organized national infrastructure for e-health that helps to make efficient national e-health systems a reality and develop careers in e-health. He highlighted the innovative policies to combat cyber crime and also spoke about leading and managing the development of e-learning environment.

Enhancing GCCs Governance with ICT solutions was presented by Pablo Sarrias, Vice President Executive of Scytl. He gave a brief about Scytl and how it is reforming public services through ICT. He discussed about ICT revolution that offers a huge potential to modernize government organizations and helps government to be more responsive to the needs of their citizen also highlighting about the consensus democracy that fosters increased community involvement in determining the political agenda and in the decision-making process itself. He further discussed about communities that can express themselves in a cooperative and simple manner and can communicate their real needs to the different institutional levels more efficiently and obtain faster and more accurate results. He stressed that ICT offers a more efficient and cost-effective way to provide public services to citizens and gathers their opinion for decision-making process and Scytl offers a wide range of solutions helping governments be more transparent, more accountable and increase their legitimacy among citizens.

e-Government Case Study presentation of Dubai Municipality was presented by Ms. Athiea Ali Bin Abdullwahab, Head of e-transformation of Dubai Municipality. She discussed about the new web portal design based on the new trends in the field of technology, especially Internet-related and consistent with the requirements of the public who deal with the Municipality on a daily basis adding value to the e-government project. She also discussed about the “Services Directory”, which is a database that includes entire services rendered by the municipality to the public. She further stressed upon the newly launched i-Dubai application, which helps the iphone users to indentify the locations of important government and private services in the emirate of Dubai and to know the weather conditions of both land and sea which also helps to complain, comment and evaluate the municipal services as well as to read building and landlord details. She said that Dubai Municipality has accomplished more than six million e-transactions during last year adding that the Municipality achieved this significant success in a record time since the launch of the first bouquet of e-services in October 2001.

The day concluded with the presentation of Mr. Soufiane Mohammed Bouharrat, Head of Government Archives section, National Center for Documentation & Research –UAE on Records Management Towards e-Gov Benefits and discussed the importance of maintaining all clients documents and the path of electronic documents and regulations on archiving and global standard for preserving important documents and also stressed about archived, and continual technological change simultaneously highlighting the role of National Center for Documentation & Research in supporting e-business to improve the performance of the government organizations.

Attended by VIPs, CIOs and decision makers from government, business and international institutions, the conference continued to serve as a platform for discussing and highlighting the achievements of citizen centered vision of a government that provides effective governance, increased transparency, better management, effective processes and efficient services through the use of the Internet and information and communication technologies (ICTs).

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