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3rd Day of 20th GCC eGovernment and eServices Conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai

Organized by Datamatix and held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai, the 20th GCC eGovernment and eServices Conference progressed towards its 3rd consecutive day under the auspices of prominent regional and global government and business organizations and showcased case studies from Germany, UK, Europe and the UAE.

Day 3 focused on the data sharing and eServices oriented apps and gateways in the age of smart government and city. The day began with the presentation on ‘GCC Government Organizations Data Sharing in the Age of Smart Cities and Government’ by Mr. Carsten Schmidt, Deputy Head, Division for Information Technology & project director, e-CODEX project and Mr. Dirk Krusche, Deputy Head - Communication and Marketing- from the Ministry of Justice, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

They presented a detailed observation on the government organizations big data analytics and secure information sharing strategies in the age of smart government and city. They stressed on the e-SENS project that intends to improve cross border access of citizens and enhance collaborations. The participants are from 20 countries including public administration, agencies, and companies. They gave a full detail of the initiation and evolution of the project that relies on competitiveness and innovation.

They further elaborated on developing Digital Single Market based on e-SENS that will build on existing solutions and showcased various other programs, emphasizing specially on e-CODEX that focuses on eJustice Communication via Online data exchange.

They further spoke on the e-SENS tasks and competence clusters based on e-Delivery and e-Interaction to facilitate electronic document exchange between countries and thereby enhance the cross border relations. The project also projects identity security and trust that enables the signing and verification of electronic documents.

They concluded the presentation by emphasizing on the architectural overview of the e-Justice portals and cross border cases for eHealth, eJustice, eProcurement, and business lifecycle.

The Q and A session that followed compared Estonia and Germany’s interconnectedness and integration progress. There was a detailed discussion between Estonia and Germany regarding the legacy systems in integration and standards in its implementation.  

Questions and observations from audience elaborated on the possible cooperation between Middle East and Germany for technology re-use; open data assessment challenges; open sources availability and maintenance;

It was followed by a session on Government Cloud Computing: eService Oriented Architecture in the Age of Smart and Government by Mr. Jonathan Holden, CEO, Cloudbuy & Former Sr. Director , VISA, Europe. He discussed the various challenges in migrating to modern systems and the cloud computing infrastructure installed in government organizations.

He stressed on the ‘Spend analytics and eMarketplace’ in terms of Analysis, Delivery, and Realization with special emphasis on the security of ‘cloud’. He presented 4 case studies that focused on UK Health Service, Australian State Government, UK Higher Education vertical eMarketplace and UK Local Government Economic Development. His presentation was a detailed log of stats and facts that stressed on the eProcurement models of all the four institutions.

The Q and A session discussed the challenges in eProcurement and tender processing challenges and the challenge in integrating on the cloud.  

The coffee break and networking session was followed by a global best practices session on Government Organizations Systems and Application Integration for one stop shopping and eService. The session was presented by Mr. Panagiotis (Panos) Hahamis, Business Information Management & Operations, University of Westminster, London, UK.

He elaborated on the DirectGov background and the existing challenging norms in the UK government. He spoke on improving eGovernment investment initiatives and the necessity for initiating Directgov. He discussed the public sector IT projects success and failure and the strategic misinterpretation and the failure to connect with end-users.

He tracked the journey of eGovernment in UK, its modernizing and strategic framework and the reformation of the public services. He further spoke on the UK Government portals and its interesting journey; it’s fairly sophisticated public services and e-Petitions that form an integral part of the UK government portal. He also showcased the old and new improved portal and spotted the major differences and attractions in the improved version of the portal.

He concluded his presentation emphasizing on the new portals structure that presents itself in a blog style that makes it lucid for the readers and interesting for the people who post information on the site. He also showcased the, an innovative portal with fresh look that assists in browsing popular tools and topics, posing as a benchmark for search engine accessibility and competence.

Mr. Abdulrahim Ahmad Almudhareb, Director, IT Department of Dubai Courts presented a case study on Dubai Courts eService Portal. He said that the portal bases itself on 3 main pillar; Judges management of case files; authentication of personal documents; authentication of civil documents; He took the audience on a virtual tour of the Dubai courts website and discussed in detail the +500 services that the portal hosts that includes general services, case status inquiry, daily hearing update etc…..

He further spoke on the case registration facilities and the easy accessibility of the portal for registration that ensures that the entered information is accurate and automated. He also showcased the e-Petition filing application and e-Notary services that covers 98% of notary services authenticating legal document that assures the user a compete security of the information filed and transactions carried out further.

He concluded his presentation by describing the eJudge and eKnowledge system and provided examples from the civilian cases of the past.

The Q and A session that followed discussed the online petition of files and the dynamic working styles of judges with the variation in technologies; digitalization of judging operations; ejudging awards; and ID cards and cabinet lawas regarding its usage.

The day concluded with the case study of Tawasol on Mobile Applications: The emerging innovations in customer experience, presented by Mr. Lewa Abukhait, Chief Commercial Officer - Business Partner Tawasol.

His presentation focused on the smart government next generation and integrating government services. He spoke on the golden age of smart phone and the penetration of smart phone globally. He further elaborated on innovative apps and provided the example of Dubai Police app and NFC app in particular as the benchmarks of app innovation and user friendliness.

He also discussed the significance of developing more innovative healthcare apps and education apps that can develop the world and make it a much better and developed place with the help of these technologies.    

The conference is sponsored by: Future Group, Brother International, Dubai Courts, DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Naseej, Tawasol, General Information Authority of Libya, Umm Al Suqueim Model School  Majid bin Mohammad Learning Center, University of Hail, Sejel, Saudi Post, Ministry of Hajj, Arab Planning Institute, Sure, Qatar Airways Holidays, Emirates Auction, Digital Flow, ]init[, Middle East Aura Portal, Almarai, Carlsbad Mineral Water, Al Riyadh Newspaper, Capital Business, Al Shabiba, Al Ain TV and Al Anba.

Attended by VIPs, CIOs and decision makers from government, business and international institutions, the conference continued to serve as a platform for discussing and highlighting the needs for an integrated government service, unifying citizen’s data, and the achievements of citizen centered vision of a government from various organizations and countries that provides effective governance, increased transparency, better management, effective processes and efficient services through the use of Internet and Information and Communication Technology (ICTs).

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